Omnia Blair Yellow Bridal Full Set Accessories in High Quality Zircon Stone in Rhodium Plated


750.00 AED


“Elevate your bridal ensemble with the exquisite Omnia Blair Yellow Bridal Full Set Accessories, meticulously designed for timeless elegance. This set, featuring high-quality zircon stones, radiates brilliance and sophistication. Each accessory, from the dazzling necklace to the intricately crafted earrings and matching bracelet, is set in rhodium-plated silver, ensuring durability and a lustrous finish. The stunning yellow hue adds a touch of vibrancy to your wedding look, making you stand out on your special day. Unleash the allure of Omnia Blair and make a statement with this meticulously curated bridal set, crafted with precision and a commitment to enduring beauty.”

  • Set of High Quality Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Adjustable Ring
  • High Quality Zircon Stone
  • Bracelet Size – 19cm ( 7.4 Inches )
  • Yellow Zircon Stone
  • Woman Accessories
  • Elegant Style
  • Saudi style
  • Oman style
  • Bridal Sets
  • Full Set Fashion Accessories