Omnia Dura white Ring in 92.5 Pure Silver Jewelry High Quality Lab-grown Diamond

SKU: SR-B03392C

380.00 AED


Discover timeless elegance with the Omnia Dura White Ring, a masterpiece in 92.5% pure silver jewelry adorned with high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Crafted with precision and passion, this exquisite ring seamlessly blends sophistication and durability. Elevate your style with the brilliance of lab-grown diamonds, ensuring both ethical and luxurious adornment. Embrace the allure of Omnia Dura, where purity meets enduring beauty in every facet. Packed in a luxurious and elegant LED lighting box. Explore the epitome of grace and refinement with this radiant ring, a symbol of everlasting style and sophistication.

  • Set of High Quality 92.5 Pure Silver Ring Only
  • laboratory diamonds
  • 92.5 Pure Silver
  • Tarnish Resistant
  • Tarnish Free Coating
  • Elegant Style
  • Luxury Fashion Accessories