Omnia Marigold Ring in 92.5 Pure Silver Jewelry In High Quality Zircon Stone

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Introducing the Omnia Marigold Ring, a radiant expression of elegance in 92.5 pure silver jewelry. This exquisite piece features a captivating design adorned with high-quality Zircon stones, adding a touch of timeless glamour to your ensemble. The intricate craftsmanship and premium materials ensure durability and a lustrous finish. Elevate your style with the Omnia Marigold Ring, a symbol of sophistication and refined taste.
Set of High Quality 92.5 Silver Ring Only

  • High Quality Zircon Stone
  • Tarnish Resistant
  • Tarnish Free Coating
  • Elegant Style
  • 92.5 Sterling Silver
  • Silver Tone
  • Yellow Zircon Stone